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Information for Businesses

Why bother with FaceCash?

FaceCash costs less per transaction than a credit card by about half. We charge a flat 1.5% transaction fee with no hidden fees. FaceCash also retains more information about purchases--such as SKU numbers, quantities, promotions, and other metadata--than any payment system in the world. It integrates directly with the ThinkLink web-based accounting network, so you can manage your company's finances all in one place.

You can also bring in new customers with FaceCash thanks to FaceCash Coupons. Unlike other coupon systems, they're completely integrated into the payment process, and they give you an unparalleled way to keep track of who is finding your business. Best of all, you only pay for advertising that works. You only get charged for coupons that actually result in sales.

How fast do I get paid?

Fast. When you sign up your business we'll ask for your corporate checking account information so that we can send you nightly batches for your earnings every business banking day.

How do I sign up?

The sign up process is similar to setting up a merchant account with a credit card processor, except that it's entirely web-based, and the business owner is required to sign up as a consumer first. This saves time, as we then only need to verify the owner's identity once instead of twice.

Does it cost me anything to sign up?

Not directly. There is no setup fee. You may need to purchase equipment such as a computer or FaceCash-compatible barcode scanner if you do not have one already. The price of equipment is outlined in the merchant sign up process, and you can order what you need directly from Think. (You can even pick up your barcode scanner from our office in Palo Alto, California at no charge if you're nearby. We love visitors!)

What do I actually need to start accepting payments?

The three basic requirements are (1) a computer, (2) internet access, and (3) a FaceCash Certified barcode scanner, which you can get from us. Everything else (touchscreen LCD monitors, kiosks, advertising materials, etc.) is just icing on the cake.

New Equipment Prices

Highly Recommended USB CCD Barcode Scanner $30.00
Bluetooth (iPad-Compatible & Wireless) CCD Barcode Scanner $150.00
Printer Connection Kit $25.00
Cash Drawer - Black $120.00

Refurbished Equipment Prices

PC Computer Workstation (with Keyboard & Mouse) $100.00
17" LCD Screen - No Touchscreen Capability $70.00
17" LCD Screen - Touchscreen Capability $270.00
17" LCD Kiosk - Touchscreen Capability $500.00
USB 802.11(b) Wireless Ethernet Adapter $10.00
Epson TM-T88 Series Thermal Printer - Parallel $100.00
Epson TM-T88 Series Thermal Printer - Serial $100.00
Epson TM-T88 Series Thermal Printer - Ethernet $150.00
SNBC BTP-2002NP Thermal Printer - Parallel $100.00
SNBC BTP-2002NP Thermal Printer - Serial $100.00
SNBC BTP-2002NP Thermal Printer - Ethernet $150.00
Ithaca iTherm 280 Thermal Printer - Parallel $125.00
Ithaca iTherm 280 Thermal Printer - Serial $125.00
Ithaca iTherm 280 Thermal Printer - Ethernet $175.00

These prices are only valid for FaceCash merchants. If you are interested in using Think hardware but do not want to become a FaceCash merchant, different pricing may apply.

Merchants are required to have a Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number assigned from the IRS, a physical mailing address, a checking account used for business purposes only, a working web site, an e-mail address, and a logo.

How do I connect FaceCash to my Point of Sale (POS) system?

We offer the FaceCash API for free to POS developers. Send your POS vendor to our developer web site for more information. After successful integration of the FaceCash API, all you'll need to do on your register is tap the FaceCash tender button to accept mobile payments.

What if I don't have a Point of Sale (POS) system, or I just use a traditional cash register?

Smaller merchants can use the free, web-based FaceCash Register to keep track of their FaceCash, cash, and credit card sales.

How can I process credit cards through FaceCash Register?

You can process credit card and debit card transactions through FaceCash Register using an on-line merchant account and gateway through Authorize.Net. You can sign up for an account on-line. Authorize.Net charges fees for transaction processing separate from FaceCash.

Do I need a barcode scanner if I sell goods or services over the phone?

No. You should only use FaceCash in retail point of sale settings. However, your customers can send electronic FaceCheck payments through the FaceCash web site.

Aren't barcodes a step back from NFC?

No. Barcodes and Near Field Communications (NFC) are both handshake methods that allow computers to exchange information. Barcodes have the advantage of being extremely inexpensive to produce and to read, while NFC chips have the advantage of not requiring any kind of wire to transmit data (though wireless Bluetooth barcode scanners also exist). Each technology works just as well as the other, but as of 2011 NFC is not widely used in the United States, whereas barcodes are. FaceCash is capable of taking advantage of both technologies.

How much do coupons cost?

If you don't sell anything, then they don't cost anything at all. If you do make a sale in which a customer uses a FaceCash Coupon, then the cost depends on whether that customer has shopped with you before. For new customers we charge 50% of the coupon value. For example, a $2.00 coupon would cost $1.00. For repeat customers we charge 30% of the coupon value. In this case, a $2.00 coupon would cost $0.60. Coupons that never result in a sale cost nothing.

We throw in analytics for free, so you can tell who is using your coupons.

Is it secure?

FaceCash takes advantage of several different security technologies. We use the same type of encryption approved by the National Security Agency to store secret government data, as well as hashing (one-way mathematical functions) and Extended Validation SSL to keep data safe whether it is in transit over the network or stored on our servers. We also monitor our network traffic routinely to scan for malicious activity and unexpected problems. In the past, Think has advised the United States government on computer security matters, so we have a long history of caring about data protection.

Is FaceCash Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant?

According to the PCI DSS 2.0 specification, "The primary account number is the defining factor in the applicability of PCI DSS requirements. PCI DSS requirements are applicable if a primary account number (PAN) is stored, processed, or transmitted. If PAN is not stored, processed or transmitted, PCI DSS requirements do not apply." Since FaceCash does not use a PAN, PCI DSS standards do not apply to FaceCash transactions.

Nonetheless, we meet or exceed many of the same objectives that PCI standards are designed to encourage. FaceCash itself represents a more secure payment method than even the most compliant PCI card solution.

Does anyone else accept FaceCash yet?

Yes. Visit our merchant map to see where you can use FaceCash.

How do I know I can trust you with my money?

FaceCash is operated by Think Computer Corporation in Palo Alto, California. We've been written up in several major national publications. You can view the latest buzz on our Media page. If we were a fly-by-night operation, reporters wouldn't be willing to spend the time writing about us.

I have more questions. How do I get in touch with a real person?

The best way to get in touch with us is through our web site. We read everything you write, and media inquiries are always welcome, too.


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